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  • hantol
    23 yrsAS8
    learning Japanese is a my dream..
  • bansheec
    25 yrsAS8
    I like reading,painting,sometimes cooking,sounds like a quiet person,right?I do, but quiet is not same as boring, I hope I can get friends in here,share interesting stuffs,exchange and learn languages
  • mamico117
    34 yrsAS7
    I still can't speak English well but I want foreign friends.
  • shirley308
    26 yrsAS8
    You may say I'm a dreamer,but I'm not the only one.
  • maialvu
    27 yrsAS7
    A good heart man who know how a lady is been treated
  • croselle
    22 yrsAS7
    It is very nice to meet you line,exodiusleo

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  • kkkimie
    22 yrsAS7
    Hi! I'm here to make friends and share travel experience:)
  • viri35
    27 yrsAS7
    I like to travel, although I haven`t been able to travel a lot, I would like to visit different places. I enjoy listening to music and hanging out with friends. I want to learn more languages.
  • danyssah
    23 yrsAS7
    Mexico City
    Meet Friends Around the World is my goal!
  • blackbyte21
    23 yrsAS6
    Friends? Looking for one.