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  • tpprs2012
    32 yrsAS8
    Fort Worth
    Looking to make new friends.
  • emilui
    34 yrsAS6
    about myself: simple, hardworking and loyal
  • acaminho0106
    29 yrsAS8
    Hi everybody...My name is Vania. Nice to meet you :)
  • miss_kk
    31 yrsAS8
    Hong Kong
    It's time for me to make new friends :)
  • martyna_piano
    24 yrsAS7
    I learn Japanese language and love play at piano. Look at the profile picture description..
  • vasya_mikazuki
    20 yrsAS7
    Hi! привет ! こんにちは! (*^_^*)

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  • lucysilva
    29 yrsAS7
    São Paulo
    I like sports,read a book, to travel and meeting new friends! I'm a English student and I need to practice with someone. I love the nature,ride the bicycle,running and many things..
  • roc2011
    25 yrsAS8
    Come on babe, join me!
  • hirohamassaki
    19 yrsAS7
    Hello World looking for a new start
  • rinrin666
    21 yrsAS7
    Hello! I'm me not sure what i have to write. I don't even know what this site is