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  • miahcr
    28 yrsAS8
    traveling, languages, cooking, reading. Enjoying life my way :)
  • ksenia5464
    20 yrsAS7
    there are no coincidences
  • rachel120486
    28 yrsAS8
    Mexico City
    Send me smile if you want be my friend. I search job in Japan.
  • zhangmeicai
    30 yrsAS8
    I‘d like to find who belongs to me。I live in DongGuan
  • angelzoo1983
    31 yrsAS8
    be happy be happy be happy目をそらさないで 越えてく強さ
  • varenia
    22 yrsAS7
    Saint Petersburg
    art, hopes and dreams

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  • athena07233
    25 yrsAS8
    Why westerners always like Japan?Taiwan is great too!I would like to make friends from English-speaking countries.
  • miho715
    35 yrsAS7
    Outer Tokyo
    I want to have a lot of friends
  • nik_87
    26 yrsAS8
    Saint Gall
    Hi, nice to meet you :-)
  • mengmengs
    26 yrsAS7
    Atlantic City