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  • nashi22murasaki
    35 yrsAS8
    Hi everyone! Nice to meet you!!
  • namagura
    30 yrsAS7
    Buenos Aires
    I'm Colombian girl and I'm in love to Japanese's culture
  • corbs4239
    29 yrsAS8
    "Fill your mind with compassion."
  • nancya93
    24 yrsAS7
    San José
    Just searching friends and japanese sensei...!!!! , lets be friends-..(*o*)/
  • anie_cutie
    28 yrsAS7
    Hi, I'm interest to have friends around the world to share different cultures and unique way of living. I can be your bestfriend, little sister or younger sister too.. I love funny people and surprise
  • annie1012
    35 yrsAS8
    friendly & passionate girl

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  • konisama7
    22 yrsAS7
    too fast to live, too young to die
  • marionfalk
    22 yrsAS7
    My name is marion, i am 22 years old from Sweden but currently living and studying in Denmark. I love to travel and talk to people from different cultures.
  • goldencurl
    22 yrsAS7
    Hi! I'm a young french girl! I am in prep' class and I'd like to reenforce my german and my english, but also speak with foreigners, to learn even more about foreign cultures, speack w/ all of you =)
  • lida371996
    22 yrsAS6
    "Everything is possible if you work hard"