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Usually I wear glasses, but this photo was bad enough already.
Sofya The Russian Girl / Will add better photos soon

pumparum is

18, Moscow, Russia (Moskau)


Looking for...

Male between 18 - 21

Ethnicity White / Caucasian   Ethnicity Japanese, Mixed
Relationship Single   Language English, Japanese
Language English, Russian,   Looking for Casual dating partner
Occupation Student     Meaningful relationship partner
Education High School Diploma     Marriage partner
Horoscope Cancer     PenPal
Height 170 cm (5'7")     Practice Conversation
Weight 50 kg (110 lbs)     Share Travel Experience
BodyType Slim     Teach a Language
Personal Style Changeable as the weather     Travel Companion
Kids Will get around to it someday     Share a Common Interest
Religion None     Learn a Language
Smoke Occasionally it's okay     Culture Exchange
Drink I drink socially

About Me

Um... Uuum... Ugh.
Usually I am but a humble student-chan who too busy with her nerdy things for trying to socialize finally. Yet sometimes even loner like me need somebody to talk with. (If it is loner or lonely, I wonder)
Also I believe that the best way to understand the language is to get known with mentality of those who is native in it , which is impossible without real contact.
My current interest is japanese culture and language. Honestly amazed. If you are japanese who reading it, know that your country is fascinating.
I speak italian a little bit due to I have it in my university program. Speak english fluently but without proper practise starting to ruin grammar, talking like a robot. Probably this text also full of weird things, but come on, I am on summer vacation.
And yes, if it is not clear, my mother tongue is russian. [Teaching bad words and pronunciation for money, can play a role of some russian villain for your friends]
Have tons of hobbies and interests, and if there is something I do not know, it is must have for me to learn. I call it brain race. In russian sounds better.
[Did not use snort forms in case of somebody have difficulties with them]

In My Own Words

What Would My Friends Say About Me?
I would ask but I am afraid my cat is not good in talking.
What Makes Me Happy?
If I am in the mood for happiness, I am happy.
If not in the mood almost nothing can change it but time.
What Makes Me Upset Or Frustrated?
Bullies. Just can not figure this out, but every offensive word even from a stranger litetally can make me cry.
What Do I Find Sexy?
Oh. Classic things, you know. Beards, muscles, long hairstyles. Have a fetish of slim guys.
Favorite Movies
Black Hawk Down, 9th District, Robot named Chappie, Pacific Rim...
Yep, thrillers mostly. Also like cartoons (CN or [adult swim]) and shortfilms.
Favorite Songs
Fan of Carpenter Brut. Also like M.O.O.N., Noisia, Combichrist, Babymetal, Machinae Sumpremacy etc.
But in fact quality of music itself is only that matters.
Favorite Animals
Cats, lizards, mantis shrimps (I mean it, they are off the charts)
Favorite Books
Azimov, Frank Herbert, Max Frei (actually best modern russian fantasy writer imho)
Of course it is not my limit, but books of these guys I can re-read over and over again.
Favorite Games
Videogames? Mass Effect and Dragon Age series, then Nier, Hawken, Starbound, Dishonored, Bioshock, Dark Souls and Bloodborn and UUUGH they are all my favorite.
Favorite Activities
Not really athlete type, but tried myself in... *counts*
... Figure skating, fencing (rapier, 1,5-hand sword) and kendo (yep, I love swords, especially big ones (like flamberg(ohhh))), skiing of all kinds, horse riding, airsoft, yoga, karate... Full prepared for apocalypse. An average russian girl.
But despite that huge list my favorite things, like writing or drawing or sculpting, are indoor.
How am I suppose to write here everything? Because I am interested in everything.
Admire People
Will you kindly forgive me at least this question?
Favorite Athletes
If Masutatsu Oyama can be counted, it is him.
Favorite Teams
Interested in everything but professional sport. Boring.
Though I watch fencing tournaments from time to time. Go "Bayard"!
My Ideal Match
Would be good to have something in common. Someone like me, but not me completely. Someone interesting and deep feeling.
My Ideal Date
In things like this it is too many variants of ideal.


Language Want To Learn
Improve english, at least start japanese. With italian I can deal in university.
Years Learning Foreign Language
Learnt english in school (but just a year of real grind)
Tried to learn japanese but only scratched the surface. With memrise. Shame.
Have You Lived Overseas? For How Long?
Never lived, but traveled much.


I Would Like Traveling To...
Asia, China, Japan, Korea, South, North America, Australia, Europe
What I Like To Do On Vacation
I Will Tell You Later
My Best Vacation Was
My Dream Vacation Would Be

My Recent Activities